Brian MacMillan

01 Electric Harajuku

BM 01 Electric Harajuku

Electric Harajuku

This is an seven scene, 45 minute long dance piece that tells the story of one day in the life of the protagonist. The main idea of the piece is a contrast between the “work protagonist” and the “play protagonist”. They are represented by two different dancers but are intended to be aspects of one person. They dance together in transition scenes – the commute to work, from work, and in Dancing with the Moon, the last piece.

Chapter 1: EH: Dawn

Scene begins with the sounds of dawn, but in darkness. This is followed by the sound of the dancer’s heartbeat as she wakes up. Once she’s out of bed, the sound-scape is entirely made up of sampled/found sounds from a kitchen – dishwashers, coffee machines, cutlery etc The piece is rhythmic, though not necessarily melodic. The dancer slowly gets caught up in the beats.