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Apocalypse Review

The Apocalypse Review is at the center of over a dozen sites that parody echo-chamber politics. The big idea is to create jokes that reference a loop of parody sites, often winding up where they began. For example, in one joke, Republicans to Replace Medicaid With Guns a lead story in the Apocalypse Review references Opacity International which references Americans for Plutocracy which references Surreal Clear Politics which references the University of Medicine Hat, which references the Strawman Institute, which refers back to the original Apocalypse Review joke. The jokes are rarely this elaborate. Mostly I’m looking for a laugh.

I make fun of my favorite journalists on the site, including Favid Drum, Sean Baseline, Fair Malone, Nit Sliver, Hari Bento Box, among others. These parodies are all meant in good fun. I have tons of respect for these journalists.

This WordPress site represents a second pass at the Apocalypse Review. The first attempt was written using 20th century technology (html 4 + php) in 2012. This current version is much more sophisticated. The core of the project is two docker scripts, which can generate the templates for each site, from scratch, including everything from database creation, to styling, to https certificate generation, all in a matter of minutes.

Tech-wise, I’ve limited myself to four sets of technologies, WordPress, the Google sponsored framework Angular 6, the Facebook sponsored framework React, and by default the Twitter sponsored framework Bootstrap. These four sets of technologies, because they’re encapsulated, can be mixed together. This allows me to do tricks that more conventional publishing houses cannot, for example, the mixing up of Google maps and jQuery maps within the WordPress story, written by Nit Sliver, Will Hobbits Determine Outcome of Granite State Senate Race? and the use of an Angular 6 component in Sean Baseline’s well argued story, Litter outreach defies the numbers … and credulity

This technology also allows me to compete which much larger firms, because it is relatively low maintenance, extremely scaleable, and multiple sites can be hosted on one server, allowing for shared databases and load balancing.

SO if you are looking to compete with Condé Nast, or want to set up an online digital newspaper, please consider asking me to join your team. Brian’s publishing email address.

If you are from Condé Naste, I will sell you my secrets for twelve wheel-barrows full of Dilithium Crystals, and one flux capacitor (new or used). I’ll drop the demand for the flux capacitor if you pressure the New Yorker to publish one of these three stories: The Parkdale Lama, The Marimba Roaches, or Math Pants. Note that these three links are to unpublished material, so will require a password, which I will give to you on the consent page.