Brian MacMillan


BM Teaching

I have worked my entire adult life as a teacher, beginning with corporate training during the 1990s, and more recently as an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer.

I have supervised masters’ thesis projects in trans-media story-telling, animation, video (narrative, abstract and commercial), sound synthesis, data visualization, augmented reality, image mapping and mobile gaming. The projects used a range of technologies including Unity, P5, Max-MSP, Flash, Arduino.

I have also used art to teach mathematics to teenagers.

Here are links to my last three teaching positions:

Sarah Lawrence

Class taught: The Innovation Lab (2015)

The Innovation Lab was a series of lectures and presentations on human rights and technology. Each student did a project related to one of the themes discussed in class. These included an experiment on voice recognition, the mapping of food supply chains, the re-design of an NGO’s website, and a social media advocacy campaign.

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Classes taught: Master’s Thesis Class, Sustainable Urban Development Undergraduate Capstone Class, Integrated Digital Media Undergraduate Capstone Class

Between 2012 and 2015 I taught the master’s thesis class at the NYU / Tandon School of Engineering. In addition, I have also been the thesis supervisor to 12 students. I have supervised projects which used augmented reality, brainwave readers, video mapping, cell animation, mapping, data visualizations and activist web pages.


Class taught: MMP350 Advanced Web Design (2017)