Brian MacMillan

Visual Mathematics

BM Visual Mathematics

In high school I struggled with mathematics. When I became an adult and began to do graphics programming, I realized that many of the concepts that I had struggled with as a youth were fairly easy to understand when presented in a visual context. Not only does a visual approach engage a different set of learning modalities, it also makes the entire learning process less abstract. Rather than solving for x, for example, students solve for x in order to make a cool visual effect. I have learned that dealing with concrete outcomes, for example special effects, interactive graphics and games, dramatically increases the engagement of students, and accelerates learning.

This curriculum is an attempt to completely rethink the teaching of algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics using built-in HTML 5 / css 3 features, like svg elements and transforms; as well as common visual libraries like p5, d3 and threejs.