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Week 1: Overview and Review

Week 2: Design Review

Week 3: Design

Week 5: Color

Week 6: WordPress Overview

Week 7: Child Themes

Week 8: Custom templates

Week 9: Plugins and shortcodes

Week 10: Categories, tags and custom templates

Week 11: Bootstrap and WordPress

Week 12: Advanced navigation

Week 13: Useful WP functions

Week 14: Menus, Customization, Review

Week 15: Review

03 Work Experience

Consultant, Program for Survivors of Torture, 2013 – present. I manage a database management system used for data collection and analysis of information related to refugees who are victims of torture. My work includes foundation reporting; the analysis of clinical data related to the treatment of post-traumatic stress and depression; medical billing; and general assistance to the Director of Operations.

Lecturer BMCC/CUNY 2017 I taught MMP350, an advanced programming class featuring Bootstrap, php, WordPress, and design concepts.

Researcher Rap Almanac May 2015 – January 2018 I helped to create and manage a data management system that uses various language libraries to perform semantic analyses on rap and hip hop lyrics. Technologies employed include Django, java and php; the Alchemy language analysis library, and Docker. The database management system used is MySql. The main table of the database has over 350,000 rows of data.

Guest Lecture, Sarah Lawrence College Fall 2015. At Sarah Lawrence I taught the Innovation Lab, an inter-disciplinary class that focused on the application of technology to human rights issues, from both a clinical and advocacy perspective. The goal of the class was to expose non-technical students to a range of technologies, including mapping, databases, data visualization, web development and social media. Student projects that I closely supervised/mentored include an animation for an animal rescue shelter, a social media campaign about sexual assault, a web-based psychology research project, several interactive maps and visualizations using the D3 and ThreeJS video libraries. The class website is here:

Innovation Lab Home Page

Adjunct Professor, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University, Integrated Digital Media Program, 2013 – 2015. At IDM I taught the master’s Thesis class; the capstone class for undergraduate studies for students in Sustainable Urban Environments program; the Senior Project class in Integrated Digital Media; and the Graduate Colloquium class.

Thesis advisor, Tandon of Engineering at New York University, Integrated Digital Media Program, 2012 – 2015. I supervised 12 master’s thesis projects, including work on the visualization and auralization of brainwave readings using the MUSE portable EEG; visualization of transit and demographic information using Google maps and the D3 data visualization library; an animation of a student’s memories of traditional Beijing; a game designed to teach Chinese ideograms to native English speakers, a haptic control device for a miniature camera; and an animation/promotional video for Taiwanese tourism.

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