Masters in Science, Integrated Digital Media, Polytechnic Institute of Engineering at New York University, 2009. I graduated from this program at the top of my class. Masters in Economic History, […]

Academic Awards

Graduate Center Scholarship Award, Polytechnic Institute, NYU, 2007, 2008 William Dunlop Modern History Prize, University of Toronto,1984 James Henderson English/History Award, University of Toronto, 1981 Bronze Shield for scholastic and […]

Work Experience

Consultant, Program for Survivors of Torture, 2013 – present. I manage a database management system used for data collection and analysis of information related to refugees who are victims of […]

Work Experience II

Freelance Developer and Consultant, 1989 – present. I have done contract work for a variety of clients including Good Robot (I employed Max/MSP and an Arduino micro-controller to control a […]

Technical Skills

Databases Oracle, Sybase SQL Server, MS SQL Server, MS SQL server, DB2, MS Access, Foxpro, dBase. I have also assisted students with Postgres and MongoDB. Mapping Arc GIS and Google […]

Current Research

In addition to the specific research projects listed below, I am actively working on what I call “real-time” research papers. The traditional means of publishing data involves discrete samples in […]

Non-Refereed Publications

I was hired by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies to produce 20 research reports on all areas of research at Ontario’s Universities. This project had a profound impact on […]

Exhibitions and Artistic Commissions

August 2012 Anatomically Incorrect Festival, New York. I presented Flappescope, a dance piece created in Max/MSP which uses kaleidescopes, mirror images and an absolute difference shader. August 2011 Mind-full […]

Media Appearances

Time Magazine Canada, “The New Nomads”, Cover story on the migration of Canadian   technologists to America, June 28, 1999 Debater on the Public Broadcasting Service, representing Canada in a […]

Volunteer Work

Volunteer/Guest Lecturer, NYU Ability Program, fall 2014. I was a guest lecturer (4 lectures in total) in Allan Goldstein’s class on digital narrative. My role was to apply the lectures […]

Positions in Student Politics

Although these credentials are quite old, I include them to demonstrate that I have considerable experience as a public speaker and an expert knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order. President, […]