Brian MacMillan

07 EH Dancing with the Moon

BM EH Dancing with the Moon

07 EH Dancing with the Moon

The protagonist goes home. On her journey she dances with the moon. She gets home, goes to sleep and the piece ends exactly where it began (with a heart beat? bird sounds?)

06 EH: Nightclub

Dance scene, ends with Twister, in which audience members can dance with projected images of themselves (provided they participated in the stunt to scan their images before hand).

04 EH: Crepuscular Creatures (Evening)

Protagonist leaves work and goes out to club. The pivot point in this scene is when dancers, with graffiti stenciled on their backs emerge from a projected backdrop.

04 EH: Afternoon at Work

This scene is for pacing and may be removed. The protagonist looses her engagement in work and begins to think about the evening ahead.

03 EH: Morning at Work

The main projection for work is a series of cubes that have been stacked on top of each other to create spaces (offices) and a sense of depth.

01 EH: Dawn

Scene begins with the sounds of dawn, but in darkness. This is followed by the sound of the dancer’s heartbeat as she wakes up. Once she’s out of bed, the sound-scape is entirely made up of sampled/found sounds from a kitchen – dishwashers, coffee machines, cutlery etc The piece is rhythmic, though not necessarily melodic. The dancer slowly gets caught up in the beats.

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